For caterers

Cadixpro offers a wide range of machines for the manufacture of catering products.

Cadixpro offers machines equipped with knives to make products such as hummus, pestos, tapenades or mixers for cooking sauces, meats, purees, etc.

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The specialist of emulsions

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The tailor-made dosage

The tailor-made solution

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All in One

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Cadixpro distribue la marque Ak technology

The AK System brand

The German company, AK System installs in all these devices a revolutionary tool to obtain very fine mixtures, dispersions, and emulsions in a minimum of time. If you dream of being able to produce mayonnaise without raising the temperature and in less than 90 seconds, we can assure you that AK System has done it.

The patented tool makes it possible to obtain an emulsion without a recycling circuit and without a rotor-stator system. The machine is therefore very easy to clean, and product losses are low. The device is emptied by a twin-screw pump to respect the integrity of any markings. This pump will also allow the cleaning of the installation.

AK System machines can also cook to make hot sauces such as ketchup or cheese specialties.

AK System offers tank sizes of 10 and 50 liters for laboratories, research, and development and 200 to 2000 liters for your productions.

Manufactured products: mayonnaise; ketchup; variety sauces; cheese sauces; pasta; liver mousse; …

A mayonnaise in 90 sec

Watch the video to see this mayonnaise rise in less than 90 seconds.

The Atlantic Engineering brand

The Belgian company Atlantic Engineering has extensive experience in the ready meals sector. It masters the entire product transfer and dosing process for liquid and semi-liquid foods, mainly dosed in final packaging, such as boxes intended for the final consumer. Our range of machines is also designed to guarantee reduced cleaning times and rapid format changes.

Discover our solutions here:

  • Barrel emptying
  • Evacuation of cooking tanks
  • Dosing system loading
  • Dosage in small containers (up to 5000 ml)
  • Bulk dosage from 5000 ml
  • Dosage and packaging in pouches
  • Unstacking, dosing and fitting of lids,…
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The Cadixpro brand, the tailor-made solution

From the R&D machine to the complete manufacturing line CADIXPRO represents a wide range of machines for the manufacture of catering products.

Cadixpro develops and builds machines to produce products such as hummus, pesto’s, tapenades, blocks of foie gras or mixers for cooking sauces, meats, purees, etc.

The Cadixpro company perfectly masters cooking by direct steam injection. The design of the steam nozzles ensures a very short cooking time, a low and constant quantity of condensate as well as silent operation.

The machines can also cook by circulating steam in the double wall or cooling by circulating water in this same double jacket. To obtain even more stable emulsions, we suggest the use of vacuum.

The color and taste of the products are then preserved and respected.

Manufactured products: Hummus, pesto’s, tapenades, block of foie gras, sauces, cooked meat, liver mousse, fish mousse, etc.

logo roboqbo

The Roboqbo brand, all in one

RoboQbo machines have a steam generator built into the frame of the machine. You can cook up to 120°C, cool, work under vacuum, concentrate or abound. RoboQbo machines work in manual or automatic mode. They are compact and all movements of the tank or lid are motorized. The range of machines is extensive.

The 8-liter RoboQbo machine is ideal for R&D departments. It allows to workloads from 1.5 to 5 liters. Product quality and process times achieved are fully transferable to a larger capacity RoboQbo machine.

RoboQbo machines are equipped with 3 washing programs as standard: prewash, wash at 60°C and sanitation at 110°C. The largest of the machines has an 860-liter tank to workloads up to 600 liters. There is bound to be a Roboqbo machine that matches your production.

Manufactured products: pesto’s, chutney, hot or cold sauces, meat cooking, duck mousse, fish mousse, impregnations, etc.

CookTymix distribuée par Cadixpro

CookTymix, the new revolutionary horizontal cooker

CookTymix is equipped with a fixed cylinder positioned in the center of its tank, increasing the heat exchange surface by over 60% compared to traditional cookers. This results in cooking times reduced by 10% to 40%, time savings, and improved energy efficiency. It also preserves the organoleptic qualities of the ingredients.

The CookTymix is suitable for various culinary needs, excelling in sautéing, wok, sous vide, and rapid cooling. It is energy-efficient, with precise temperature control and recipe programs. Its design facilitates use and maintenance, with a self-cleaning tank and smooth hydraulic movements.

Available in three tank sizes: 150, 250, and 500 liters (usable capacities).

Manufactured products : the cooking possibilities of CookTymix are very large, from preparing stews, sautés, risottos, stuffings, sauces,… to jams, creams, nougats…