Cadixpro: french manufacturer of vertical cutters & mixers for the agri-food industry.

From R&D machines to full production lines, CADIXPRO offers a wide range of vertical cutters & mixers for the production of pastry, catering, or cheese products.

Depending on your requirements, Cadixpro develops the machine that will best suit your needs.

For example:

  • A high-power motor for grinding pralines, making almond powder, or grinding sugar and almond mixtures.
  • Direct steam cooking for melting cheese or specialized cheese dishes.
  • Maximum temperatures up to 127°C.
  • Pressure in the tank up to 1.5 bar.
  • Automatic dosing for water, oil, tomato concentrate, etc.

Cadixpro’s cutters & mixers offer numerous advantages in food preparation and industrial manufacturing processes:


In short, Cadixpro cutter-mixers offer efficiency, versatility, process control and uniform cutting quality. They facilitate food preparation, enable easy cleaning and guarantee safe operation. These advantages make them invaluable equipment in food and manufacturing industries where food preparation is essential.

Efficiency and Timesaving:

Cadixpro’s cutters & mixers perform multiple preparation steps in one machine, thus reducing the time and effort needed. They combine slicing, chopping, grinding, mixing, and cooking in one operation, thereby speeding up food preparation processes.


Cadixpro vertical cutters & mixers are versatile and can handle a wide range of ingredients and recipes. Whether you need to chop vegetables, grind meat, mix dough, or prepare sauces or cheese, these machines are designed to meet various food preparation needs.

Uniform Cutting Quality:

Cadixpro cutters & mixers come with sharp and robust blades that ensure precise and uniform cutting of ingredients.

Process Control:

Cadixpro vertical cutters offer precise control of the food preparation process. You can adjust speed, operating time, and other parameters to get the desired results.

Easy to Use and Clean:

Cadixpro cutters & mixers have intuitive and easy-to-use controls. Plus, they come with automatic cleaning functions, making maintenance and cleaning easier.


Cadixpro’s vertical cutters are designed with safety mechanisms to ensure safe usage.

Different applications for Cadixpro machines :

Meat Preparation:

for chopping, grinding, and mixing meats for sausages, pâtés, or marinated meats for kebabs. Cadixpro’s cutters & mixers allow for a uniform consistency and even distribution of spices and seasonings.

Sauce Making:

for mixing and kneading ingredients for sauces, pizza preparations, pesto, salsas, etc.
Cadixpro’s vertical cutters allow for a smooth and uniform texture, as well as even incorporation of ingredients.

Bakery Products:

for mixing and kneading dough for bread, pastries, etc. Cadixpro’s cutters & mixers ensure a uniform mixing of ingredients, thereby allowing the development of gluten and achieving the perfect texture and consistency for bakery products

Pasta Making:

for making fresh pasta, ravioli, tortellini, gnocchi, dumplings, etc. Cadixpro’s vertical cutters help to mix the dough ingredients and achieve a smooth and elastic texture, thereby facilitating the rolling and cutting of the pasta.

Dairy Products:

for making fresh cheeses, spreadable melted cheeses, cheese blocks, etc. Cadixpro’s vertical cutters allow for mixing and homogenizing the ingredients while controlling the temperature and cooking process.

Catering Preparations:

for making vegetable-based dishes, stuffings, mousses, terrines, spreads, etc.
Cadixpro’s cutters & mixers allow fine chopping of the ingredients and uniform mixing to achieve balanced textures and flavors.

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The Cadixpro range of machines :

We offer four sizes of equipment to better meet your needs: the CDXC range, available in 30, 85, 125, and 200 liters.

We guarantee that you will appreciate the versatility of Cadixpro machines every day.

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