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Ferneto is an industrial group based in Portugal, recognized worldwide. It offers a wide range of mixers, beaters, dividers, rounders, cutting and molding lines to meet the specific needs of the sector.

Ferneto Planetary Mixers: Reliability and Performance

Ferneto planetary mixers are designed with painted steel or stainless-steel frames, offering great robustness and durability. For optimal ergonomics, the mixer structure is elevated from the ground. Furthermore, Ferneto mixers are equipped with a speed variator, reducing electrical consumption, and allowing you to adjust the speed according to your needs.

The bowls and tools of Ferneto planetary mixers are reinforced to avoid any risk of breakdown and are made of high-quality stainless steel (AISI 304). Additionally, the bowl holder and locking edges are also made of stainless steel to ensure optimal hygiene. The motion transmission is assured by SPZ belts, eliminating any risk of contamination. The mixers are also equipped with planetary system protection to guarantee user safety. All these features guarantee simple, fast, and inexpensive maintenance as well as easy cleaning. Optional: We offer electric bowl elevation for even more practical and ergonomic handling.

Choose Ferneto planetary mixers and enjoy their reliability, performance, and ease of maintenance. With Ferneto, you have quality equipment to optimize your bakery and pastry production, safely and with great ease of use.

Cadixpro distribue la marque Ferneto

Ferneto is also a wide range of spiral kneaders and sheeters

Ferneto Tart Former: Versatility and Efficiency

The Ferneto tart former is a revolutionary industrial equipment designed to delicately shape doughs into different forms, thereby replacing manual labor with a mechanized system. This former allows you to significantly increase production while ensuring perfect uniformity, without compromising the final quality of the products. With the Ferneto tart former, a single person can produce up to 1,900 tart bases per hour.

Thanks to the Ferneto tart former, it’s possible to manufacture custom products in various types of dough, such as puff pastry, shortcrust, sweet, gluten-free, and in a variety of shapes: cylindrical, square, triangular, oval, etc. This flexibility allows each product to be adapted to specific needs, thus providing essential adjustments for each recipe.

The versatility of the Ferneto tart former is perfect for speeding up semi-industrial work processes while preserving the identity and artisanal characteristics of the products. It can work with different types of dough and producing various shapes, allowing customization tailored to each recipe, product, and finish.

The Ferneto tart former features a stainless-steel structure, ensuring great durability and optimal hygiene. It is equipped with temperature, pressure, and extraction blowing control, thus ensuring a precise and controlled shaping process. Moreover, the punches and dies are interchangeable and easy to disassemble, facilitating their cleaning and maintenance.

Invest in the Ferneto tart former and benefit from its exceptional advantages for more efficient production, increased customization, and consistent quality in the manufacturing of your tarts. With Ferneto, creating industrial-quality products while preserving artisanal expertise becomes a reality.


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