CookTymix by Cadixpro: A Revolutionary New Cooker!

Cooking is an art, an alchemy where flavor is the Holy Grail. Imagine a device that can elevate your dishes while enhancing your productivity and reducing your energy consumption. This vision has become a reality with CookTymix, Cadixpro’s revolutionary horizontal cooker.

Whether you’re working with scrumptious meats, fish wrapped in succulent sauces, crafting fragrant tomato sauces or refining creamy white sauces, or even looking for sautéed or wok-style cooking, CookTymix has a place in your workshop, kitchen, or production unit.

The CookTymix cookers offer numerous advantages in food preparation processes and industrial production:

  1. Accelerated Cooking Times: CookTymix features a fixed cylinder positioned at the center of its cooking tank, increasing the heat exchange surface by over 60% compared to traditional cookers. The outcome? Reduced cooking times by 10% to 40%, translating to valuable time savings and improved energy efficiency.
  1. Enhanced Flavor: With its extended heat exchange surface, the CookTymix cooker not only speeds up cooking but also preserves the organoleptic qualities of your ingredients. Say goodbye to compromises often associated with conventional industrial cooking methods.
  1. Exceptional Versatility: Whether you’re dealing with meat, fish in sauce, tomato-based creations, or delightful white sauces, IQF products, or fresh ingredients, the horizontal CookTymix cooker adjusts to your culinary needs. It offers sautéed and wok cooking options, also excels in sous-vide cooking and rapid cooling, thanks to its vast heat exchange surface.
  1. Energy Efficiency: Designed with energy conservation in mind, the horizontal CookTymix cooker consumes very little electric and steam energy. For those emphasizing sustainability, it can be connected to a chilled or glycol water circuit, ensuring water savings during the cooling phase.
  1. Precise Control: The CookTymix cooker comes with electronic temperature regulation and customizable recipe programs. This precision allows for consistent results with each cooking session. Monitor the product temperature using the temperature probe embedded at the bottom of the tank and record temperature curves throughout the cooking process.
  2. Ease of Use and Maintenance: CookTymix features a lid with an inspection window, simplifying ingredient addition. Moreover, its internal scrapers can be quickly removed without the need for tools, making cleaning and disinfection a breeze. Additionally, the cooking basin is self-cleaning, guaranteeing optimal hygiene. The machine can be emptied by tilting forward into standard 200-liter European bins. The hydraulic movements of the tank and lid make operations smooth. For liquid products, we offer an optional drain valve located at the bottom of the basin.
CookTymix distribuée par Cadixpro
CookTymix distribuée par Cadixpro

Invest in CookTymix and Enhance Your Performance

Investing in Cadixpro’s horizontal CookTymix cooker is your passport to improved cooking efficiency, increased versatility, and energy savings. It represents the evolution of cooking methods, designed to offer you speed, adaptability, and unmatched quality.

Applications Are Limitless: From hearty stews and flavourful sautés to delightful risottos, nourishing soups, exquisite pasta dishes, aromatic sauces, flavourful roux, rich broths, and meat or fish-based sauces, CookTymix can handle it all. It also excels in preparing stuffings, pasta fillings, vegetables, mustards, caramel, cream, jam, fruit pastes, and nougat. The flexibility of the horizontal CookTymix cooker is simply exceptional.

Choose the Ideal Size: CookTymix is available in three basin sizes: 150, 250, and 500 liters. These basin sizes represent their effective capacities. Whether you prefer manual loading due to its low height or opt for an optional weighing scale, we provide a range of options to meet your needs.

In conclusion, Cadixpro’s horizontal CookTymix cooker is the culinary innovation you’ve been waiting for. It’s a tool that allows food producers to reach new heights in terms of flavor, efficiency, and sustainability. Elevate your culinary creations with CookTymix and explore a world where flavor and efficiency harmoniously coexist.

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